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DISC Family Workshop


Create a Heartwarming, Peaceful Home with Your Family

Do you feel like your kids don’t connect with you, or each other? Verbal arrows flying everywhere and landing nowhere? Are you winding up in squabbles that don’t seem worthy of any attention? Seriously, are we really arguing about SOUP? Here’s the thing. It’s never just about soup. You may have a family communication problem. What can you do? Pile them all into the car and force them into therapy? Not so easy.

Harmony Through DISC

DISC is nothing new – it has been around for decades. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It is a PROVEN method of communication that will help your family. A DISC assessment is not a test, there is no pass or fail, or good or bad. Since DISC is based on observable behavior, it is easy to get insights into a person’s primary behavioral styles through simple observation. These insights can be gained from spoken words, nonverbal cues such as tone of voice or facial expressions, written words, or the way a person walks, sits, and converses. However, using an assessment to measure a person’s true DISC profile is the most objective way to understand more about a specific person’s behavior. DISC assesses the personalities of your family. From there, you will learn the best ways to communicate with one another. It is not difficult and is totally worth it. Once you get it down, you’ll be amazed at how well it works.

DISC Will Teach You:

  • HOW people do what they do. It details four unique behavioral styles, and how the distinct qualities of each style impact the way we approach people. – To gain an awareness of behavioral styles within the family unit.
  • To gain key insights on how to effectively support and encourage family members based on unique learning and thinking styles.
  • To learn ways to build communication by understanding the values, beliefs, individual motivators, and primary fears of each member.
  • To learn accountability for one’s own actions and behaviors.
  • To gain an appreciation for a child’s strengths and unique behavioral style. – To make conversations more effective, and remove emotional roadblocks that make it difficult for a parent to talk to their child.
  • To build a foundation of mutual understanding, trust, and respect, and develop positive communication based on individual needs.
  • To provide a framework for leadership development, from adolescence to adulthood.
  • …And much more.


Communication within your family like you’ve always dreamed

Mutual acceptance and understanding

A harmonious, loving environment

Smiling and laughing often

Handling issues peacefully and productively

Feeling like a successful parent, spouse, son, or daughter

Family pride


Teri Mock is the Founder and CEO of Desert Sounds of Wellness. Her life’s passion is to positively impact you and your family. She’s a board-certified music therapist, trainer, speaker, and coach of 23 years. She knows how to navigate you and your family through a transition to a more joyful, peaceful place. Throughout her career, the families she has helped have benefited from the knowledge and techniques that she’s utilized throughout her practice and in her business, that she will bring to you. Teri works with individuals, parents, kids, and whole families who desire to transform their family dynamics, home environment, and family relationships in an ever-changing world. She brings her passion and dedication for her work and clients to positively impact, empower, and change the lives of each one. Teri is also a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst through TTI Success Insights DISC and is ready to share with you the opportunity to help your family thrive. With her background of combining traditional and innovative approaches, you will learn the communication tools that will add value to all family relationships. Desert Sounds of Wellness’s Virtual Family Workshops allow you to learn and master the powerful knowledge and tools of DISC Communication with your family, and those with whom you interact every day. Teri will help you learn techniques that you can easily integrate into your home to create a harmonious family environment where each member of your family feels heard, valued, and loved. Teri will cut through the chaos of everyday life to target the heart of your purpose, abilities, and self. She will help you get to the point and GET IT DONE. Once you learn DISC strategies, reaching inside and becoming your best self eventually becomes effortless. Over time, you’ll see the results for your family you’ve always known you were capable of.


Has your family had communication limitations for far too long?

At the end of the day, TAKING ACTION for your family is all that really matters.

Discover the harmony and cheerfulness your family can achieve. Implement DISC’s renowned communication methods and watch your family thrive!

Our DISC Family Workshops will teach you how to create positive, lasting changes. You can have a loving home where your family members flourish because they know that they are understood and appreciated.

Imagine the tenderness and pride your family will feel!

Now is the time to change your family’s dynamics for the better.


Join us to start your DISC communication journey now.